Austin Livres-service Library

Austin Livres-service is a free, self-serve lending library offering books in both French and English that cater to all tastes and age groups.

Opening hours

The Library is open during municipal office hours.

User Guide

Borrowing books is easy:

  1. Write your name and the titles of the books you are borrowing in the record book. (Knowing what users read enables the Committee to better build the collection around their preferences.)
  2. Return the books in the box marked «Retour».

Because the books have been donated by many of our citizens , the Cultural Committee counts on users to act in the founding spirit of the library:

«I borrow, I read, I share, I return the book.»

To donate books, CDs and DVDs

Bring your books, CDs and DVDs in good condition to Town Hall during office hours. Please do not leave them outdoors where they may be damaged by the weather.

Only books that are clean, fairly recent and of interest to our readers will be kept.

Thank you to all our generous donors!

Little Free Libraries

In addition to Austin Livres-service, a number of Little Free Libraries have been installed on the territory:

  • Parking lot at the corner of North Rd. and Route 112
  • Domaine Mont-Orford mailboxes shelter, corner of Hopps and Des Liserons
  • Lac des Sittelles mailboxes shelter on Des Riverains
  • Corner of Nicholas-Austin and Du Héron
  • Taylor Rd. mailboxes (near Nicholas-Austin)
  • Mailboxes at the corner of Galvin and North roads
  • Town Hall, 21 Millington Rd.

Containing about 30 books each, the Little Free Libraries are accessible at all times. Using them is simple:

  • Borrow a book
  • Once you’ve read it, keep it, share it or bring it back to the Little Free Library.

Want to share a good read? Put the book in one of the Little Free Libraries but be warned: you may never see it again! (Given the limited space, donations comprised of several books must be brought to the Austin Livres-service Library.)

Please do not put magazines, newspapers or publicity in the Little Free Libraries.

Memphremagog Library

Citizens of Austin have free access to the Memphremagog Library, thanks to the Municipality’s subscription refund program.

90, rue Saint-David
819 843-1330