Municipal Bulletin

The Municipal Bulletin is published quarterly. While most of the Bulletin is published in French, a number of pages are dedicated to our English readers. They include updates on current municipal affairs in the «Word from the Mayor,» highlights of the recent Council meetings, articles and announcements of interest to the English-speaking community.

A copy of the Bulletin is delivered to all mailboxes in Austin. Seasonal residents who do not have a mailbox in Austin may opt to receive it at their main residence, free of charge, by filling out a subscription request form. They may also consult it online.

2023 No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
2022 No. 1 Four pages in English at the end!
No. 2
No. 3 Was not published
No. 4
2021 No. 1 Pages  8 (pictures) and 9, 11-12
No. 2 First 3 pages followed by 2 pages detailing the 2020 financial results (bilingual)
No. 3
No. 4 Pages 14-16 in English + feature on page 11
2020 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
2019 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
2018 No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4

Actualités Austin E-Newsletter

Actualités Austin is a short document sent monthly by e-mail to all subscribers. While most of the newsletter is published in French, some announcements of interest to our English-speaking population are translated.

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Public Notices

Official Bulletin Boards

Public notices (in French) are published on the two official bulletin boards designated by Council:

at Town Hall, 21 Millington Rd.
at the Marché Austin, 2220 Nicholas-Austin Rd.

When required by law, public notices are also published in a newspaper distributed in the territory.

To reach as many citizens as possible, public notices are also posted on the Municipality’s website and at the following locations:

  • Lac des Sittelles mailbox shelter
  • Entrance to Lake Malaga (if the snow has been cleared)

Public notices posted in places other than the venues prescribed by law are not necessarily posted on the same day. 

Consult the public notices    (in French)

Videos (listed by subject)

The videos listed below are in French; however, most of them are subtitled in English.


Presentation of the new Council following the 2017 election

Community Services

The Sentinels of Austin: a group of volunteers providing assistance to family caregivers in our community

Public Safety

Getting to know Austin’s Fire Department


Snow removal 101


2017 Christmas card

Health Challenge