The Municipal Code of Quebec requires municipalities to prepare and adopt a budget on an annual basis. The budget is adopted at a special sitting of Council held in mid-December.

2018 Budget   –  Adopted on December 18, 2017


budget-2018 from Municipalité d’Austin on Vimeo.

Notre mairesse, Lisette Maillé, présente les faits saillants du budget 2018 adopté le 18 décembre dernier.
Our mayor, Lisette Maillé, presents the highlights of the 2018 municipal budget adopted December 18.



The annual tax bill is mailed on February 28 of each year.

2018 Taxes and Fees


Financial Statements

The audited financial statements for the previous fiscal year are tabled at the regular council meeting held in May. A presentation by the external auditors precedes the council meeting.

Statement of Operations – Fiscal Year ended 31 December 2017

Statement of Operations – Fiscal Year ended 31 December 2016