Survey – Austin’s Products & Services Directory

Austin’s Products & Services Directory

In 2013, the Municipality created the Bottin des produits et services, a directory of the products and services offered by Austin citizens. The Bottin’s mission is twofold: to contribute to our economic development by encouraging the population to buy local, and to promote community development by fostering endeavours such as mutual support networking and by highlighting our local artists and craftsmen.

Over the past years, the Directory has been updated by means of an annual mailing (with the tax bill) of new pages to be inserted in the binder.

Seven years later, we are still committed to our Directory, for the economic and social development of our community remains a driving behind most of our endeavours. However, we are now pondering on the format that the directory should take in future years.

Did You Know?

In 2014, our Bottin des produits et services was awarded the Joseph-Beaubien prize by the Union of Quebec Municipalities.


Your answers to the questions below will help us determine whether we continue printing and distributing annual updates for the Bottin, or produce only an electronic version, which could be made more interactive. Your input is much appreciated!

In this case, would you be kind enough to bring back the Directory (binder, separators and all) at Town Hall so that we may recycle it?

Contact details to receive a directory

Please write your name and Austin address below, as we may decide to send updates in paper format only to those citizens who wish to receive them.

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