Cancellation of the June 8, 2020 Recyclables Collection

Please be advised that the collection of recyclables (blue bin) scheduled on June 8th 2020 has been cancelled as our sorting centre, RécupEstrie, will shut down temporarily to modernize its installations.

The Municipality has considered a number of alternatives, but all proved to be overly expensive or environmentally deficient.

We understand that for some of you, this interruption of service may cause your bin to overflow. Don’t panic! We’ve compiled a few tricks to help you manage the situation:

  • Don’t miss the May 25th
  • Reduce waste at the source! This is an ideal time to pay more attention to overpackaging.
  • Maximize bin space: fold cardboard boxes and nest small tin cans into larger ones. (Get the kids to help you!)
  • Prepare an extra bin or space in a sheltered area where you can store the overflow.
  • Talk to your neighbours: perhaps they have extra space in their bin!
  • Resist the temptation of throwing it out in the trash!
  • Congratulate yourself for these extra efforts: you have good reason to be proud of yourself.

Good News!

A partnership of 65 municipalities in the Eastern Townships – including Austin – RécupEstrie sorts the recyclables generated by over 200,000 persons.

The modernization work involves adding two optical sorters to improve paper quality; this will allow RécupEstrie to sell it on the Quebec market rather than having to ship it overseas, often at great cost and without any guarantee that it will be transformed. A definite amelioration from an environmental standpoint!

This $2.5M investment will be financed by RécupEstrie’s available funds and by a $500,000 grant from Recyc-Québec. Our annual fee of $7 per residence – which has remained unchanged in the past 10 years – will not be affected.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Remember: when it comes to the environment, even small gestures have an impact!

Information :    819 843-2388